Sharing The Journey

The main purpose for this site is to tell you my story of transformation from an evolutionist to a biblical creationist.

Explore the World

When you view the world and universe from a creationist perspective, God comes alive in a whole new way.

Discover Unlimited Beauty

The power and beauty of the earth and nature captivate us all but when seen through a scriptural lens the awe is all the greater.

The Evidence and Artistry of the Unseen Hand

There is a master craftsman of our planet and universe and he has left his mark on all things, we only have to look for the evidence of those marks.

The Foundation is Sure

The study of truth is never ending as is the God who created it all with his infinite wisdom and power.

J. Marshall

The Big Three

These are my top three major creation organizations.


Creation Ministries International (CMI)

Answers in Genesis (AIG)

Institute for Creation Research (ICR)

Other Resources

There are many other wonderful resources but these are the most reputable in my humble opinion.