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I was drawn to the beauty and majesty of the world, interested in science, captivated by the stars, and I believed in God. But I wasn’t prepared for the encounter I was about to have with him.

UFOs are real!

My good friend Ian Juby has developed a fantastic series on YouTube discussing the phenomenon of UFOs. I am linking it below. There are 4 parts. The below link is all of them or you can subscribe to his YouTube channel and easily get them all. These answer pretty much any question you may haveContinue reading “UFOs are real!”

Impacts from the Great Flood

There is no way to fully understand the details of the flood but further study is interesting and shows that our faith is grounded in scientific evidence. This CMI article discusses the potential impacts from volcanism. Volcanic Cooling

End Of The World

What I just read by a fellow blogger! This such a great post I had to share. And as fellow believers, it’s time to unite and band together as we look on at events around us and the more it seems the darkest hour of our world is close at hand. END Of The WORLDContinue reading “End Of The World”

Trade offs

Thomas Sowell is a fascinating person. If you have never heard of him, please look him up. Regardless, I suggest you watch the documentary on Amazon (and elsewhere) and you will probably learn even more than you already knew. Just to be clear, I have only started watching it. My wife gave me notice byContinue reading “Trade offs”

A puzzling earth

I will never forget when I learned about plate tectonics in college. Seeing how the continents fit together was exciting enough but getting into the details about subduction zones, rifts, and mountain building was truly fascinating. One thing that was never brought up was who came up with the theory. AIG’s article here goes intoContinue reading “A puzzling earth”


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