We are biological machines…and more?

I often say this to my kids and anyone else who will listen.

We are biological machines.

What I mean is we are living, breathing, physical manifestations that move around and interact with our surroundings.

This is something I doubt, in principle, that any person of integrity and a modicum of intellectual ability would argue.

Fascinatingly, we are more than this.

We have existential ability and understanding and desires.

How do I know this?

I think, therefore I am. Rene Des Cartes

If “I am”, then my thoughts logically must exist as well as my physical form.

If my thoughts do exist, I am more than my physical manifestation.

Well some may argue, what if thoughts do not exist?

I might counter such a question with another one.

Do you really want to go there?

I mean by that do you actually want your thoughts to not exist?? And before you quickly answer that, ask yourself are you honestly OK with if they don’t and willing to live with the consequences of that decision?

I realize this is not proof that humans are both physical and immaterial creatures, but either logic truly exists or there is only the dark void of meaninglessness ahead for humanity.

And my thoughts tell me, that is ludicrous.

Below is an excellent article from Evolution News proving that we are physical biological machines.


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