Who am I?

I am skeptic, a scientist and now a biblical creationist. My goal is to point others to the evidence that supports biblical creation.

Why did I make this site?

To be a witness for one thing. I have changed my mind because of my journey. Like many before me, I have come to believe in the power of God in a way I never expected.

Because there are people out there who are like me. They believe the Bible but wonder why some things in it don’t make sense.

Deep down it is something more, though. They want to know God more.

I believe that once you take a step of faith and put your trust the God of the bible, the one who performs miracles, and works in the lives of people alive today, we will see the truth of the creation story. And we will know that our faith stands upon on solid rock of mathematical odds, indisputable universal laws, interdependent biology, and undeniable logic.

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