Don’t tell me you believe the earth is 6K years old!!

I remember several years ago the first time it came out that I had doubts in evolution. This was when I was just starting my investigation of the creation narrative of the Bible.

As I have mentioned in the four part My Story series in my blog, I was watching Ian Juby YouTube videos a lot during this time. (By the way, I highly recommend these for taking complex ideas and making them understandable. Ian is hilarious and entertaining as well!)

Anyway, I had just finished eating a meal when a close relative mentioned something about evolution. I just came out and said that based on what I was learning there were problems with the theory. I brought up the lack of transitional forms. They brought up bacteria being able to adapt. I said yeah okay, but they are still bacteria.

Well over an hour of berating and discussion ensued. My relative was appalled that I would be a creationist! I explained that I wasn’t sure yet. The terror that seemed to grip my family member was all over their face.

The most interesting aspect of this was how volatile it was that I even thought of questioning evolution.

The below article on CMI goes into this issue of how biblical creation is not considered scientific, and evidence based.

It’s not science !!!

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