My Story Part 4: Conversion to Creation – Faith in Science Restored

The Cherokee culture tells us this story.

Father: My son, there is a battle between two wolves that live inside us all. One is evil. The other is good.”

Son: Which wolf wins?

Father: The one you feed.

As a continuation of my story, you will recall that my trust in evolution was beginning to waver. Ian Juby’s short internet videos was one of the keys why. His informative, hilarious videos were a regular part of my free time. I would also look at websites that presented the other side too. Eventually I just could not handle the turmoil inside me anymore. I would believe one way and it lead me to want to believe in biblical creation. I would read an evolution supporting website, think of all those I knew in my field who believed in evolution (and the consequences if I changed my views), and feel abiding fear and doubt.

One of these dogs had to win or I was going to be torn apart.

Looking back now, there were several factors involved.

I was a mainstream scientist and believer in the God of the Bible so staying with that belief system made sense. On the other hand, I had several strange (supernatural) encounters with God by this time. I was also reading scripture daily and seeing prophecy and wisdom that astounded me. One of the main things though was the clear descriptions of nature-defying miracles performed before huge groups of people from hundreds to an entire nation.

Alternatively, there were plenty of people who went to church, truly believed in God, and regarded evolution as the method the Creator used to construct our world and universe. Some were respected theologians who regarded scripture as sacred and devoted their lives to serving God and his people. I did not have to believe one or the other.


As I pondered it all, I knew I had come too far to go back.

The question was clear. Did God make every living thing using macro-evolution or did he use special creation and micro-evolution to explain the diversity of living things?

I also knew that God knew the truth. I just needed to decide.

I recall the day I made up my mind quite plainly.

I said, “Penny (my wife) I am tired of this! I am sick of the pain and struggle and doubt. I am going to believe in God’s Word by faith! I am a young earth creationist. I know God is going to help me believe even more!”

I never had to look back and wonder if I made the right decision.

Suddenly, like a shelf of encyclopedias being laid out before me, a mountain of scientific evidence poured into my life. Resources that I did not know existed seemed to just appear on my monitor as I browsed the internet. Eventually the history of the modern creationist movement unfolded before me.

I eventually read books like the Genesis Flood by Dr. Henry M. Morris and John C. Whitcomb, originally published in 1961. I signed up to creation periodicals and even a scientific journal.

In short, the scales fell off my eyes.

I had no more patience for anything but a biblical worldview.

And now I see clearly that the lack of any shred of compelling scientific data to support classic Darwinian evolution is astounding.

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