Am I doing the first things?

Just came from church today and felt the Lord impressed upon me that I need to take back authority in my life in some areas that I thought he had taken away from me, but in actuality were things I just stopped exercising.

I have been given several gifts in my life, none greater than salvation, but one of those is influence over my immediate family (wife and kids). This gift of spiritual influence was given when we got married.

Over the last few years I felt defeated often about my spiritual and practical role as the father in my home and with all my kids. Some troubles piled up and challenges went on without seeming to have a response due to me not knowing how to fix them. I prayed and asked for help.

No help seemed to come.

Weeks passed. Months went by. Things seemed to get worse not better.

I figured I’d failed in my fatherhood role.

Today, I think I had it all wrong. I didn’t fail. God heard my prayers and now is the time to begin to see them fulfilled.

How do I know? He has already started showing me by laying out some stepping stones.

Things aren’t all solved yet. Assuredly, uncounted obstacles lay ahead.

And, I want to know where the new path he is marking out may lead. Where is this all taking me ultimately?

I small inner voice seems to say.

Follow the steps my son.

I am afraid.

Just follow the stones He smiles.

Ok, I will follow, I say with wonder in my eyes.

I will always be with you my child, a soft hand he offers.

The next step is the first thing I need to do today.

Blessings lay ahead.

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