How does God do things at the right time?

This is an easy question to answer for those who have studied the Bible and many others who have looked into philosophy. I have not done the latter honestly.

But I’ll get back to that later on in this post.

I want to continue on a more earthly discussion.

Anyone who has had to accomplish something in this life understands the Law of Timing.

I watched a show last night about the foods that shaped America. It was about the founding and success of Pizza Hut and Dominos Pizza. I really enjoyed it. Like most documentaries there were lots of facts of interest.

For instance, Dominos was started by two brothers but only one ended up sticking with it. The younger brother did not see eye to eye with his elder sibling and eventually left, taking the old VW Beetle car used for pizza delivery in payment for his share of the business. Yikes! Thanksgiving and Christmas must have been uncomfortable after that.

Then, there was how the two brothers who started Pizza Hut essentially invented American Pizza by using French bread as the crust and making it thin and dripping in sauce and cheese.

The most impressive thing was how they all took a risk and how it paid off. Neither brother duo had the experience in restaurants or franchises and ended up becoming millionaires. They had to learn as they went, adapt, and change when needed.

But it is the timing I want to focus on. Both sets of founders had to start at the right time.

Why is timing so crucial?

I’ll be honest, timing is not a particular strength of mine. Just ask my wife who regularly gives me notice of my bad timing when I have said something at the worst possible time.

The reason for the need for timing is obvious of course. All the things necessary for success need to be in place and ready to go before something will work to produce a profitable result.

Resources. Function. Opportunity. And there has to be a want for the product.

Now back to the heavenly realm. Before God made everything he had a plan and design for everything. The earth, our galaxy, every other galactic system, and the plans for every creature on this planet along with the ecosystem they needed to live and continue to thrive.

But underneath all that was the timing. He planned what to start with and then what was next. And was it important?

It was absolutely crucial. Creation as laid in Genesis is hard for us to understand given that everything is so dependent on everything else. I mean land is no help to creatures without air to breathe and food to eat. He had to start with the basic building blocks and then at some point turn it all on.

And the timing of each step was also vitally important in the communication and relationship between with man and woman. For Abraham and Sarah, for Adam and Eve. Each time he established a promise with humanity was planned for at the beginning.

The time of Jesus. The time for you and me to appear on earth. The time we would be called to follow him.

So when is it time for me to do this thing I am considering doing?

The time is now to ask the Keeper of the Plan and trust that he will guide me onto the right path and make my move at exactly the perfect time.

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