The half and half looked good

My mother in law was with us for near a week. She lives further north and we were worried about her being alone in the deep freeze weather so my wife went and picked her up.

I love my mother in law. She is an easy going person to be around and quite a wise lady. She is also prone to plan in advance for things and likes to take care of people.

During this trip, she thoughtfully brought food with her. One of the items was half and half for me and my wife because she knows we like to use it in our coffee.

After she had gone back home, I noticed that the pink half and half container was still in the fridge even though we still had another carton of our own with a little left in it. I was glad because I always like to have backup on hand of my creamer of choice!!

In short order, the next morning if I recall, our carton was empty and only the pink container remained. I smiled inside and was even more delighted when I grasped the pink half and half pint sized receptacle when by the weight of it I knew it was 80% full at least.

Then, I poured my creamy elixir into my coffee. I knew the instant my coffee didn’t turn into a cafe au lait white chocolate color.

I stirred my cup of brew for a few seconds and then sniffed the pink container confirming what I already knew.

It was bad creamer. It had looked so good but turned out to be so bad.

This makes me think of evolution. It sure looked good so many years ago when Darwin proposed it. Now we know it was bad, and unlike my mother in law’s half and half, it was half bad from the beginning.

Oh Darwin was half right in a way. There is change over time, where a bird changes its beak size like the ones he noticed in the Galápagos Islands while on the Beagle, but the change from one kind to another (whale to land mammal) hasn’t been found. And that is because it doesn’t exist, however much many of us in the scientific fields want it too.

So, being half wrong has serious consequences. And oh how our world is paying the price now for a belief system founded in humanism, where man decides what is true and accurate. Oh how I pray that science will one day be freed from the prison of the blind faith of macro evolutionary dogma.

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